Virtual Rehearsal Wed., Apr. 22, '20

Hello everyone:

Well this would have been our last 'rehearsal' at our beloved AYS Building before our weekend marathon of Popejoy Spring Gala Dress Rehearsal and Concert.  It all seems so unreal and I know you are all working just as hard as you can to balance everything in this new world.  I know our kids will be fine, and I want to support you all any way I can, without being an added stressor to the mix.  That being said, I am inviting our Prep Stringers to one more gathering on Wednesday 29th at the same time.  But please don't feel obligated.  I know these guys are old enough to join in without parent supervision for the most part and if that works in your day, I would love to see them. 

Also I am available just about any ole' time for a short meet-up with any of our kiddoes for a chat, a playtime, and a suggestion or two if wanted.  I have been keeping our individual times together to under thirty minutes to avoid any intrusion into the private lesson format that everyone is doing with teachers.  But I would be happy to spend the time with any student who asks for me to set up a zoom time.  And we can watch the whole concert again too if desired!  It was such another world back then.

I apologize for the internet 'fit of pique' by my computer this afternoon.  And I wish you all the best of family time, amidst some kerfuffles for sure.  As I like to say, "no matter how flat the pancake, it still has two sides!"  So take care of your flat pancakes and enjoy all they have to offer!

Thank you for being wonderful families.  I hope to see everyone who wants to join in, next week.  I am hoping to pull up some other groups' performances of our music for this semester if I can. 

And please keep making music.  It's what we all need.

With hugs,

Ms. V


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