Virtual Rehearsal Wed., Apr. 29, '20

Hello everyone:

The time is drawing to a close for the year, though it might not seem like it on many fronts.  We met for the last formal virtual meeting today and had quite a few who joined in!  

My apologies to those who had to wait to be admitted.  I will probably never get the hang of this, but I am trying!  But from now until our system changes, I am available for any student and family who would like to meet up for a little play time.  We can cover together any music of the student's choice.  I can scan another part for the violins especially, or for anyone who wants an ensemble part of our orchestra repertory. And we can hang out a bit.  We can also look over any material- scale or solo- for those who will be auditioning for next year.  AUDITION ENROLLMENT IS UP AND RUNNING ON OUR AYS WEBSITE.  It is going to be super smooth.  Dr. Strong has researched extensively for the best tool and has come up with one that is used for auditions for arts schools nationwide.  Thank you, Dr. Strong!   

Students might want to double up with a friend or two so we can all meet and greet together.  My time is quite free but I know yours for the most part isn't so please be reminded that this is not a requirement by any stretch!  My daughters have often signed me on with a grandchild or two and we pass the time while vegetable chopping gets done or a shower is grabbed!  Most of the time it works, but there are times when I am left talking to an empty couch!  Crazy indeed!

Be well; it has been a privilege to be with your wonderful children. Just because PSO is officially over for the semester, it is hoped our relationships are not.  So please feel free to call on me to set up a time here and there.  

With love,

Ms. V


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