Wed. Sept. 13, 2017

Lots going on in PS today. First of all, students were given the luminaria bags to fold. One student asked if he had to do the bags since his sibling was in another group, and yes, each member is asked to help us out with this all important fund raising effort. Your support is much appreciated!

Ask your student about the Hoop Game! We learned the value of teamwork in a rather unconventional way. A lot of fun was had passing the hula hoop around the circle, but with no hands, only holding hands together and looping and stooping as the hula hoop made its way around. It was terrific watching them all work together, saying their names to each other and in general having a great time!

I am in the last stages of leveling our different sections for the melody, harmony and basslines of the music. I will have a different seating next week that will reflect the positions of each musician, not unlike a soccer or baseball team. We need strikers and keepers, and pitchers and outfielders!

Assignment as written in chart:
9/13 JD all C all

Jazz in D all (we worked on meas. 9 to end particularly)
C all (each group has more than one part to prepare. Cellos have 3!

The golden Student Pledge will be rewarded next week if they are signed and shown in class. Please support your child at lessons as well. There are some students who find the notes really really easy and some who are struggling. You know where your student lies in this spectrum and our goal is to offer a satisfying experience for all. Remember that all kinds of skills and abilities come together to make any community!

A wonderful afternoon together. See you next week!

Ms. V


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