Wed Sept 6, '17

Hello PS Families:

We had a very productive rehearsal today. I was so pleased to see so many prompt arrivals who all took the initiative to find the new seating and get themselves ready.

We started by playing D Major scales and we will start every rehearsal with some sort of scale that utilizes bow skills and intonation. There will rarely be a specific assignment about scales but I heartily condone starting every practice session with scales or patterns. To me it is the same as stretching before a game or a big race!

Assignment: (as is to be written on practice chart)
9/6: "C" all A B D E "JD" meas. 1-8
Chopsticks "C" has been played all through with the various parts so each student is responsible for the parts he/she has on his/her music. The violins and violas have A and B; the cellos have A,D and E and the basses have A and E. Jazz in D "JD" was handed out towards the end of rehearsal and we managed to cover a little bit of the first 8 measures. The skill here is to negotiate F sharp and F natural.

Students were measured for their program shirts today. They can wear them whenever they choose but will be required for the school tour in December.
Our dress for the winter concert will be dressy and comfortable clothes, NOT black and white like the older groups do. More on that later.

Please stay in touch with me concerning your child. I certainly want each one to feel valued and that he/she has contributed to our group. If you feel there is some slippage, I would like to know so that can be addressed.

Thank you for having great kids!
Ms. V


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