Wednesday April 12, 2017

Hello Prep String Orchestra Families Tour information went home today and is also attached to this blog. I had the students edit their dress requirements so that each will be wearing their AYS T shirt and jeans and not just regular school clothes. The correction is included here. We had another hard working rehearsal today. But the hard spots are still a little rough and time is going by so quickly. I thought I would list a few parts for each section to concentrate on. Please ask your violin students which part they play and then identify these spots for them. ODE TO JOY: all: Pay attention to dynamics please! Remember we start soft! Vln 1: B to C for correct bows and rhythms Vln2, Vln3, Vla: Letter B-C watch bowings and Vln 2 careful with accidentals Cellos: D to E with the B flats and even slurs MIGHTY MOLLA: all: the contrast between staccato and legato (they all know what that means) all: the rests need to be evident but do not scrunch the note just before the rest Cello/bass: keep steady C to D Vln1,2,3 Vla: keep steady just before D BAILE EN LA CALLE all: Really, Really watch the holds (fermatas) they know what this means! Vln 2: Lo 2 (F natural) at 38 and Hi 2 (F sharp) at 58, know the differenct Cellos: Lots of "Soli" parts, be ready for them, they are marked Cellos: Be mindful of all your extended 4th fingers and keep steady all: 82 to end with care to play softer at the repeat and slower at end BACH COUNTRY FIDDLES all: 24 to 48 changing from melody lines to accompaniment patterns Vln 2,3,Vla, Clo, Bass: Careful bow 'dancing' with lifts and stays POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE all: the syncopated rhythms (eight/quarter/eighth) need to be musical, not thumpy! all: Repeat from F into H including the second ending, practice this! all: Transitions which are at E and I will go a tiny bit faster, not much all: the ending needs to be together, count your long notes! Please contact me if you have any concerns about the Tour. The attached flyer is what the students brought home today, which should have the written in change about the dress. See you then! Ms. V


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