Wednesday April 26, 2017

Hello everyone:

How quickly the time has passed and now our final rehearsal in the AYS building is over.
I have been so very impressed with all of these remarkable young musicians and consider it an honor to work with them in the making of beauty for the heart and soul.

That being said, this is a very hard concert repertoire so I am encouraging the students and their "support system" to keep them practicing up to the last minute. It is coming together nicely but the details will make the ownership sparkle!

I am attaching the flyer again, and have handed it out to the students again as well, for the tour tomorrow. Please contact me via cell or email if anything concerns you. It is a long way to go for some of us (I am a "West sider" as some of you are). But we have quite a loyal contingent from the East Mountains that come in every week to us here so I think the scales are balanced.

Please excuse your child if he/she isn't very hungry for dinner. I am the culprit here! Myself and Ms. Nunn, our wonderful parent manager helped with a little farewell celebration. So Ms. V's famous banana bread and some popsicles courtesy of Ms. Nunn might take the place of healthier fare for a night!

The directions and protocols for Saturday and Sunday have been sent out in the Read'n'Heed memos so please be mindful of the details. We do want the students to remain together after our portion of the performance so they may sit and enjoy the older students' efforts. I want to make sure they are monitored so please come to collect them at the end of the first concert series and caution them not to ask to go looking for you. It will be a grand concert!

Again, I thank you for ensuring the future of who we are by raising such fabulous kids!
See you tomorrow, ....and Saturday,.... and Sunday. Wow! What fun!

Ms. Velasco
cell 505-604-4401


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