Wednesday Jan. 16, 19

Hello Prep String Families:
We had a great rehearsal in a totally different paradigm: we are no longer a Beginning Orchestra!
All the music was handed out at this first rehearsal, which is totally different from the fall where music was allotted in a step by step fashion.
We covered a phrase or so of each of the five pieces.
Students will need to be more proactive with their teachers this week as they show their music to them, but by next rehearsal we will be more specific as to what we cover and will record it on the chart.
We are also learning the folkways and mores of 'stand sharing'- a micro-culture for orchestral string players. They are learning the ropes but the big change is that one player will be leaving his/her music on the floor during rehearsal but will still need to mark anything that is required. It is standard procedures in the professional circuits as well so this is a good time to get the pattern.

A lovely black folding stand, a larger model, was turned in that apparently was left at the tour last December, an eon away. I have it here at the AYS Building so if it is yours, please let me know and I will get it to you next week.

It is much appreciated to have all your help with the stands and chairs after rehearsals. Thank you so much!
We are looking forward to a nice venue for a spring concert tour on April 28th, so if you have an idea, please let me or Ms. Wilbur know.

Thank you again!
Ms. V


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