Wednesday March 15, 2017

What an amazing rehearsal! The music is quite difficult and has many wonderful challenges that are moving them all through orchestral skill building in fine order!

Tickets for our raffle were handed out today. Each student has a pack of ten and an information packet. Please help us out and maybe we can win our dinner and games to Dave and Busters! I took a packet and will sell them too!


MM: all through, with rests: Please watch the rests and how the notes end
BCF: meas. 8 to 24 and then coda. The rhythms and moving into the finale
OJ: all through. Tone and more tone! VIbrato is good here!
PC: Beg to E. We back tracked a little working on intonation, playing in tune
BC: meas. 38-58. Getting notes in tune with Bb's.

Remember our school tour on THURSDAY, APRIL 27TH
Contact me if you need more info now, but I will have all the details next week for you.

I will not be here on Wed. Mar. 29th. Ms. Drew Austin will be conducting. Let's make sure she has a great time with all these wonderful young musicians!

Have a wonderful break, no rehearsal next week, of course!
Ms. V


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