Welcome back

Hello Prep String Families:

I am so excited and very much looking forward to having our music community back again. I am sure you all had wonderful holidays and will be equally eager to add our musical Wednesdays back into the routine.

I am planning to start the rehearsals by handing out all of the music that we will be performing at the Spring Gala. It may look a little overwhelming to the students, and maybe to you too! But rest assured, we will be learning each note and phrase step by step!

Also, the Junior Band, consisting of between 50 and 60 middle school students, will be rehearsing on Wednesdays in Castro Hall, which is on the other side of our lobby towards the North and East. But the parking situation may be altered a bit due to the added AYSP participants. Please make plans to park and come in for your child as in the past. We do not want any students to go out of the building amongst moving and parked cars.

I am looking forward to a great semester, full of exciting and wonderful music, from the English countryside to Spain and the 'Running of the Bulls!' Students will be sharing stands this semester, as they will be in all of the other groups they matriculate to in the future. Please make sure each student has a pencil at all times and that the music be introduced to the teachers. It might be a little trickier for them with all the music in one stack but I will be careful to have them notate what is covered each week and students can make sure they know the parts or ask for help at their lessons.

Also, we would like to perform at a Senior Resident Center as we did last year. The date will be Thursday April 25th and we would like to perform along the same schedule as we did in December and perform a morning concert. Please let me or Ms. Wilbur know if you have an idea for us and we will proceed from there.

Thank you for all you do. Music is alive and well here because of you!
Happy New Year, and I will see you all soon!

Ms. V


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