YCO - August 31, 2016

YCO Musicians,

I am very encouraged by the good start to our year. Always remember that the focus you give to our time together each week will build our ability to tackle more and better music for our second concert. I see this process as a progression that we must all be committed to in order to succeed.

Many times in rehearsal, I am working with or addressing another section of the orchestra, however this does not mean it does not pertain to you so you do not need to listen. You are all connected, and the more you know about what the other sections are doing, the better your playing will become.

With that being said, here are a few sections you can focus your practice time on this week:

The opening of Venkovanka should be worked on in a VERY slow, accessible tempo for your skill level. Going too fast will only reinforce the mistakes it causes. Slow, deliberate and steady.

The triplet passages from mess. 63-73 in the Mendelssohn need attention. Also, in Pines, meas. 57-71

All of the 16th note passages in Venkovanka and meas. 91-110 in the Mendelssohn

Venkovanka 16th note passages and the Summer Rain meas. 49-57

Woodwinds and Brass:
Many times you are a soloist, and by now I hope you know when your part is a melodic line, and when it is harmony. Work out those melodic passages this week so you feel confident with them. Please go to YouTube and listen to recordings of the originals of these pieces so you hear how the professionals play them.

Good work everyone!

See you Wednesday,
Mr. Peterson


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