YDI Roster and Rehearsal Notes for 11/28/16

Hi All,

Please proof the roster below as I will be printing up programs this week. There are two students who have missed both rehearsals. Please let me know if you will attend rehearsal tonight and participate in this event, or not, no later than tonight.

Tonight's rehearsal schedule is as follows:
6:30 - Christmas Sing Along
7:00 - Nutcracker: March and Mirlitons only
7:45 - Greensleeves
8:00 - break
8:15 - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo
8:35 - Sleigh Ride
8:55 - A Christmas Festival
9:15 - dismiss

VIOLIN 1 (12)
*Maya Taylor - Emily Morgan-Tracy
Justice Hawley - Seol Marcus
Nicolas Berkopec - Annette Johnson
Lorenzo Gallegos - Chelsey Southwell
Bryn Frye-Mason - Nathaniel Byram
Vanessa Jiron - Sara Albanna

VIOLIN 2 (11)
*Wesley Dong - Vincent Thomas
Christian Pereira - Jahnesta Killen
Mariana Caldwell - Zack Scranton
Logan Barlow - Quinn Smith
Jazmine Lopez - Taelyn Harjo
Savannah Noel Bradley

*Raven Otero-Symphony - Tatiana Allensworth
Garrett Frye-Mason - Luis DeVargas
Katherine Jensen – Isabella Twocrow
Elexis Panas - David Elder
Katherine Erikson

CELLO (14)
*Adrian Goodwin - Zea Rose
R. Levi Jensen - Hannah Austin
Andy Zhang - Gabrielle Edwards
Hunter Toennies – Tatum Heller
Aurra Gardner - Hunter Walker
Jim Helmich - Lin Tu
Caitlyn Hoover – Tiger Gutierrez

BASS (6)
*Landon Honolka - Jesse Sanders
Toby Vigneau - Genevieve Harris
Kaia Nunley - Bryan Holguin

1. *Camille Simmons
1. Jeremy Wesevich
2. Vivien McCullough
2. Isabella Moretti

1. Nick Alexander

1. *Caitilin Stull
1. Clarice Ray
2. Erika Sommer

1. *Benjamin Stern
2. Ashlyn Maldonado

1/1. *Beth Nielson
1/1. Sarah Dooley
2/1. Ben Groeling
2/2. Carine Ragsdale
3/2. Martin Brandt
4/2. Ann Thompson

1. *Lukas Reinke
2. Nathan Meindl
3. John Fawcett

1. Zach Wenner

Carson Ross
Thomas Williams

*Trevor Herrera
Caden Bartlett
Ben Reed
Bianca Camacho

*denotes section leader


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