YO Notes 3.27.17

Dear YO,

Thank you for a good rehearsal on Monday and for your heartfelt compassion. I'm deeply moved by your care and concern and we need to continue to reach out to one another. (-:

Here are specific notes for this week. We need everyone giving 100% from now until our Finale on April 30. Take the time to practice everyday!!! We need your best!!

Cello/Bass: Intonation throughout the piece. Basses, remember we are doing normal tuning on this piece. 2 before 4-end. Check Pitch!! Check every note and every interval.
Vln 1, 2, and Viola: 1 after 4-end. INTONATION!!!
Vln 1-Pick Up to 5-end. Check Pitch!!!!
Horn: 3-4, 2 before 5-end
All Brass: 1 before 5-end INTONATION!!!
All Sections: Taper phrasing endings on every release. Taking care of details like this will make you sound incredible. Next Monday we will spend a good amount of time on the Bach.

Introduction: Brass...Check Pitch and practice clean attacks.
Strings: Practice the dotted 8th/16th with metronome to keep consistent.
Quarter note = 112
Vla: 63 It's getting better...keep working on this!! (-:
Vln 1: 79-87 practice with metronome. Quarter note=78
All Sections: Last 5 measures (clean)

O Magnum:
Quarter note=68
All Sections: Transition 3 before G to end. Please pay careful attention to intonation and phrasing.
Bass: 2 before H...take down the octave for 4 measures. Last 8 measures take down the octave. M
Monique: C-3 after E-more espressivo

All Sections: 115-end. Watch the transitions.
Brass: 137-Check Pitch
Vln 1-183 to end. Keep working hard on this! We've got this right? (-:

Mendelssohn: Review All

Have a great week and let's make some incredible music at Monday's rehearsal. 4 more!!

Mrs. Hill


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