YO Notes 4.3.17

Thank you for a good rehearsal on Monday. We've got some good momentum going but all of us need to step up our focus and practice coming into our last few rehearsals. Please make time everyday to work on our music. Your work really does pay off.

Cello/Bass/Bassoon-INTONATION throughout the piece. Please be careful and check those intervals. The bass line MUST be perfect. (cello/bass we may have a mini sectional on this on Monday)
WW intonation and dynamics throughout. Cl-Flute really check pitch.
EVERYONE! Dynamics and phrase endings. Please take care on EVERY phrase.
Brass tuning and Horn tuning throughout. This piece needs most of our attention.

Mendelssohn: First entrance Trombone/trumpet change dynamic to pp
Trombone-mm 19 please articulate...no slur
Strings-mm 29 brush stroke...not heavy but shape the phrase and don't rush
Vln 1 & 2- practice transition 4 before 44-44 and 2 before 90
mm 44- accented half notes need to be played like a bell tone. attack with slight delay on each half note.
mm 56-brass change all fp to regular accent. They are too heavy.
Percussion-we are deleting all crash cymbal parts in this piece. Also, I have the lost (misplaced (-:) percussion parts you were looking for.

O Magnum
WW intonation throughout the piece. Please practice carefully...check intervals
C-Cl 1 and Tpt 1- check intonation
C-Bassoon intonation
All-G to the end check intonation

Chronicles:183-end All practice transition from 162-183. Vln 1-183!!!!!!!
Cl 1 & 2-127-137. This piece needs much attention! We will work the back half of the piece and the put together.


One last thing, I need to meet with ALL cellos at 5:55 on Monday. I know some of you are in lesson or chamber but it's important for all of us to meet before rehearsal starts.

Thank you all so much! You are such a blessing in my life. Have a wonderful week, keep practicing and I'll see you next Monday.


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