YO Notes 8.21.17

YO Students,

We are making progress and again your sectional teachers are excited and encouraged. Please keep up the consistent practice. (-:

One thing that several of the sectional teachers mentioned and something that I've talked with you a lot about is the constant talking in rehearsal. We need to understand that when you start to chat each time we stop it's not just you having a short conversation with the person next to you...it's 78 of you having a short conversation and it is incredibly counterproductive to the work we need to do. I REALLY need your help in developing professional rehearsal etiquette and being respectful of others in our group and our sectional coaches...and being respectful of me or whoever is on the podium.

Brass, things are getting better but you need to spend careful practice and time on your music for YO. I know its marching season but we need to remember that being selected as a a member of this outstanding ensemble is a priority as well. Mrs. Taylor was happy with sectionals and wants to continue moving forward. Please spend time on the opening of Fanfare, Nabucco, and Great Gate.

Woodwinds, great job on Monday. You are really starting to sound like a fantastic WW section. Please keep working on the technical passages...Night in Mexico, etc.

Strings, there are many spots already that are sounding good but we need to keep working on those challenging spots. Also, PLEASE spend lots of time on October this week. This is not technically challenging but you need to practice with a metronome so we can be solid on the counting.

Let's remember that we are all working together toward a common goal and if we all do what we each need to do we will achieve a great reward.

Have a wonderful week and I'll see you next Monday.


Mrs. Hill


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