Youth Symphony Rehearsal Schedule 3/6

Hi All,

Can you believe we only have 7 rehearsals until our concert? Let's get to work, my friends. Woohoo! 

As we discussed at rehearsal, I have a rehearsal plan set for our entire semester and if we don't get through the spots assigned each week, we will not be ready for our concert. It is imperative you prepare your assigned sections for rehearsal each week. If you prepare the expected spots, we will arrive at our performance well prepared. Remember, our concert will only be as good as our rehearsals. If you come unprepared and our rehearsals are weak, our concert will be unprepared and weak as well. You all are AMAZING, so let's have AMAZING rehearsals! 

As a reminder, please review this week, what we rehearsed at last Monday's rehearsal: Johnson (all), Chabrier letter H-L, Tchaik mvt. 3 letter D-K and the entire Hue. 

Please have the following sections prepared for Monday's rehearsal:

5:00 PM - chamber ensemble rehearsals

6:15 PM - warm up/tune

6:30 - Chabrier: review letter H to the end

7:00 - Tchaikovsky: rehearse movement 1 - all

8:00 - break

(low brass are excused)

8:15 - Tchaikovsky: review movement 3 - all

(those not playing on the Hue are excused)

8:45 - Hue: review 10 to the end; rehearse opening

9:15 - dismiss

Have a great weekend and I look forward to Monday's rehearsal.

Ms. Siverson



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