YS Dress Rehearsal TOMORROW!

Congrats on your first concert run through at Cibola High yesterday. Yes, some things were rough, but others were beautiful! I hope you took the time to practice last night and again tonight. 

The biggest frustration I had was that all of the great work you have done watching me, and giving positive physical motion on stage to eachother these past few weeks, just wasn't there yesterday. Because not all of us were communicating visually and physically on stage, our tempos were was off and we lost confidence. 

Intonation was a big issue and I think it was because we lacked confidence when parts weren't solid. 

SO!!! (big breath)

Tomorrow we have a lot of work to do. The rehearsal schedule is as follows: 

8:00 - Banner

8:05 - Offenbach (pulse)

8:30 - de Falla (pulse)

8:45 - Copland (intonation)

9:00 - Sousa (intonation and dynamic variations)

9:15 - break

9:30 - Prokofiev (pulse, intonation and confidence)

10:30 - Dvorak

* those not playing the Dvorak are dismissed at 10:30 AM* 

11:00 - dismiss

Get some good sleep tonight, give yourself plenty of drive and parking time in the morning, and I look forward to a fantastic rehearsal! 

See you bright and early at 7:15 AM. 

Ms. S.



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