YS Rehearsal 4/1

Hi All,

I have to say that I am quite disappointed in the number of you with cell phones out on your stands at rehearsal Monday night. There were way too many missed entrances from not being attentive and prepared. There was too much laughing and goofing off from watching whatever you had on your phone at the moment. Seriously, guys. You can take a break away from your phone for 2.5 hours. You are better musicians than that and I expect more. 

I will have the cell phone baskets out next week. If this continues to be a problem, I will be dismissing people from rehearsal. It stops now. 

Monday's schedule is as follows: 

6:00 - Dukas in the pink room

6:30 - Williams

6:50 - Wieniawski

7:30 - Dvorak 1

7:45 - break

8:00 - Dvorak 2

8:30 - Dvorak 4

9:15 - dismiss


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