YS Rehearsal Notes

Hi All,

I hope you had successful sectionals on Monday. Those that I peeked in on were sounding great! 

As you practice our music please keep in mind our focus for the season: 

We suffer the confines of discipline now, so we may enjoy the freedom of expression later.  

Be diligent in your practice, tackling small sections at a time. I suggest each week, your practice at home be a review of what was worked on at the previous rehearsal. That way, you won't become overwhelmed at the amount of music and will be able to take chunks at a time, and you will have had guidance to apply from the rehearsal. 

Rehearsal 8/20

6:15 - warm up and tune

6:30 - full orchestra - Offenbach at the Allegro, Prokofiev III & IV

7:30 - break

7:45 - section rehearsals - Copland, Offenbach beginning-Allegro, Prokofiev II

9:15 - dismiss

School Participation Forms

A reminder to return your school participation forms to Parent Managers or email to ys@aysmusic.org. The deadline is August 31, so please don't forget!

If you forget to turn your form in by the deadline, you won't be allowed in rehearsal until you return the form. 

Tour Surveys

Unfortunately there are still 20 families that have not filled out the tour survey. As I am making the decision to move forward or not this week, I really need responses from everyone. 

If you are one of the 20 that did not fill out the tour survey, please do so immediately at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3K85YXW


See you on Monday!

Ms. Siverson




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