YS Rehearsal Notes 10/21

Hi All,

I will be gone in North Dakota on Monday for a cousin's funeral so will have to miss rehearsal. UNM's Director of Bands and Orchestra, Eric Rombach-Kendall, will be running rehearsal. Please be well prepared. Following is the rehearsal schedule:

5:00 - chamber rehearsals

5:50 - set up

6:00 - anyone interested in recording a promo spot for 95.5 KHFM, please meet Ms. Blocker Price at her office to record - it's always so fun hearing you all on the air!

6:15 - in your seats warming up

6:30 - Mussorgsky: work on begining to letter L; then review L to the end, if time

7:10 - Berlioz: start at the Allegro Vivace after 5 and rehearse to 17: review either beginning or 17 to the end, if time

7:50 - break

8:05 - Bach: Fugue, start at 16

8:35 - Tschaikowsky: Begining to letter I; review I to end, if time

9:15 - dismiss

Please be courteous and attentive with Mr. Rombach-Kendall, as you always are. I appreciate you all so very much and know you will love rehearsal with him! He is a master musician.

Text me if you need to and I will see you all in two weeks. Just FOUR rehearsals to go!!!!


Ms. Siverson



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