YS Rehearsal Notes 2/10

Dear YS Musicians,

GREAT job at sectionals this week! I heard from many of your coaches how focused you were and how they appreciated your attention to detail. THANK YOU! 

A reminder to everyone that being "on time" for music rehearsals means that you are in your seats 15-30 minutes before rehearsal. For us, that means by 6:15 for warm up. A few of you have been rushing in right at 6:30 and that just doesn't allow you the time for proper warm up an tuning. Please plan drive time accordingly.

Next week is our 3rd sectional night and you will be focusing on Huapango and the concerto. This will be the strings last sectional before chair testing, so be sure to ask questions if you have any. That's what your coaches are for! Following is our schedule for next Monday:

6:15 - warm up

6:30 - full orchestra: Shosty, Berlioz, Cheetham

7:30 - break

7:45 - sectionals: Moncayo, Saint Saens, and any other pieces your coach wants to review

9:15 - pack up and dismiss



KHFM has contacted me about piloting a youth music podcast on KHFM. They have requested two YS students (1 boy, 1 girl) to be the hosts for a 1-hour long radio show. The show will already be written for you and will include some talking and lots of music. The show is going to be comparing the different composers interpretations of Romeo & Juliet - Prokofiev, Tschaikowsky, Bernstein (West Side Story) and Zeferelli (film). All you would do is take the time to go to the KHFM studio to read the script while recording. It would not be done live, so if you make mistakes, they can easily cut and edit. Doing radio is so much fun! You just sit at a desk and talk into a mic. Easy peasy!  :-) 

For now, this is a one time commitment, with the possibility of it becoming monthly, if the show finds success. There is no compensation.

If you are a good speaker, have an animated voice, and love talking with people, consider taking on this fun opportunity! If interested, please send me an email to sayra@aysmusic.org with "KHFM Host" in the subject line.

Have a great week and I will see you on Monday!

Ms. Siverson


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