YS Rehearsal Notes for 3/16

Hi Gang,

Next week we will be rehearsing the endings of every piece, then moving back into the mid-sections.

Please continue listening to our playlist for familiarity at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6VG6n0PYsHDjfm4FSnFu9Q?si=LqzJfAFQRxyF...

Our schedule next week is as follows:

5:00 - Berlioz clarinet solo auditions in the practice rooms

6:00 - brass in the pink room for the Cheetham (downbeat at 6:10 PM)

6:30 - Saint Saens: rehearse at D, then review all to the end  (Listen! Listen! Listen!)

6:50 - Berlioz: review at 3, then rehearse 4 to the end

7:00 - Shosty 4 with Conductor Candidate No. 3

7:30 - survey

7:35 - Shosty 2: rehearse at 57, then review 65 to the end

7:45 - break

8:00 - Rossini: rehearse again the key change after G, then 3 to the end

8:25 - Holst: rehearse at II, then review IV to the end

8:50 - Moncayo: rehearse the Meno section, then review the final Allegro to the end

9:15 - dismiss and pack up

Please continue becoming for familiar with our music - listen and practice little bits every day! Strings and Percussion - your sections have done a FANTASTIC job in knowing your parts. Woodwinds and Brass need to step it up - still too many unlearned parts. Let's really push through these last 5 rehearsals!

See you Monday,

Ms. S.




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