YS Rehearsal Notes for 3/2

Hi All,

Congrats to all of our amazing string players on chair tests Monday! I was proud to see you all congratulating eachother after results were posted. As we discuss each semester, it is so important to realize that the point of chair tests is to find those in each section that are best prepared on our music at this point in the semester, so that they will be able to lead you well in rehearsals. Chair placement does not define you as a musician. It's simply a tool to aid us in rehearsal efficiency and a standard in orchestras.

We have just 4 rehearsals left before spring break and then 3 rehearsals after spring break before our concert. WOW! This semester is flying by. Please be listening to our repertoire daily and prepare your parts for rehearsals. The listening link is found at: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6VG6n0PYsHDjfm4FSnFu9Q?si=8XikGhxKTlmw...

Next week I am excited to welcome our first YS Conductor candidate! As discussed in rehearsal, you will be filling out a short survey after each conductor visits and before we head to break. We value your opinion, so please be thoughtful in your replies.

Our schedule is as follows:

6:15 - warm up

6:30 - Moncayo, Saint Saens

7:00 - Conductor Candidate 1: Shosty IV

7:25 - survey/pack up

7:30 - break

7:45 - sectionals: strings final sectional (thank you coaches!); full winds and percussion sectional in MRH with Ms. S.

9:15 - dismiss

Have a great week,

Ms. S.


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