YS Rehearsal notes for 4/10


Hi All - 

WOW - that was a great rehearsal on Monday! Let's keep it going for next week. 

Do you now see, based on how rehearsal went on Monday, how important pulse is to an orchestra? If we can't count on our orchestra mates to provide pulse stability, nothing will go well. Once we began communicating across the room, we solidified our tempi and it was so much more reassuring and comfortable to perform, wasn't it? We owe it to eachother, me included, to practice with a metronome at home. Even one of us not solid on pulse will pull everyone down. 

RAFFLE TICKETS: SELL, SELL, SELL!  I can't believe we are in 4th place! This year the TOP TWO ensembles win an evening at Dave and Buster's!  GO YOUTH SYMPHONY! 


Monday 4/10 - regular rehearsal at AYSP (see schedule below)

Monday 4/17 - regular rehearsal at AYSP (record our performance!) 

Monday 4/24 - regular rehearsal at AYSP

Saturday 4/29 - dress rehearsal at PJH, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (donuts in the Green Room!)

* Shall we go out after rehearsal for brunch at Frontier, or have a get-together at the UNM Student Union or Duck Pond, or go back to AYSP? I need you all to discuss and decide where. Let's finalize plans on Monday.* 

Saturday 4/29 - concert at PJH, 7:00 PM


6:30 - Tchaik 1

  • finish from last week
  • brass - learn your parts D-F
  • all - don't rush at the Molto pui tranquillo
  • learn your notes, pretty please

7:00 - Tchaik 3

  • learn D-K with your metronome set at 138!!!!

7:20 - Chabrier

  • PULSE and PITCH!
  • Metronome set at 80

7:45 - break

8:00 - Tchaik 2

8:30 - Hue with Alan's teacher! 

  • listen to recordings on YouTube
  • practice and be prepared

9:15 - dismiss

Have a great week and I look forward to another great rehearsal on Monday!

Ms. Siverson




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