YS Rehearsal Notes for 4/24

Hi All, 

I hope you are all feeling well because I am sick, sick, sick! I got a bad chest cold on Tuesday and have been home recovering all week. Uff!!! Wash hands, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. I'm determined to be well for our last regular rehearsal on Monday and can't wait to have a last go at our pieces. 

Rehearsal Videos!

Due to very slow internet at my home, the videos took two days to load, but here are all but one. The Tchaikovsky is on it's way soon. For some reason, it didn't load with the others. My apologies. These clips are for us to learn from - where are we doing well? Where can we improve? Is my intonation in balance with the rest of the orchestra? Etc. Please take the time to watch and take notes this weekend and PRACTICE for Monday's rehearsal. So many still do not know your parts and are being carried along by others in your sections. Let's all do our 100% best and knock their socks off! 

Chabrier:  https://youtu.be/Tr4cE6LCiEo

Johnson:    https://youtu.be/08cW7DGnKDg

Hue:  https://youtu.be/upkLH5TUHZM

Tchaikovsky part 1:  WILL SEND TOMORROW

Tchaikovsky part 2:  WILL SEND TOMORROW

Monday 4/24 Rehearsal

With all of our guest musicians (harp and trombones) we will be running the program again. We will take some time in each piece to rehearse where we need to as an ensemble, but there will be no time for me to practice notes for you. Come to rehearsal with your part ready! 

6:15 - in seats, warming up

6:25 - tune

6:30 - Chabrier

7:00 - Johnson

7:15 - Hue

7:30 - Tchaikovsky 2

7:45ish - break

8:00ish - Tchaikovsky 1, 3, 4

9:15 - dismiss

Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you Monday!

Ms. Siverson 


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