YS Rehearsal Notes 9/10

Hi All!

Keep up the work on our new pieces. I can tell most all of you haven't spent enough time yet listening to the pieces. Please take time these next few days of break to listen, listen, listen!

The next time we meet is on Monday, September 10: 

  • All string players will have chair testing that evening during your sectional time - please listen, practice and prepare
    • Chair testing will be adjudicated by two judges
    • Auditions will be blind, meaning the judges cannot see who you are, and judges decisions are final
    • I need 5 parent volunteers that night - please let me know if your mom or dad is available to assist our judges
    • If you are absent on this night, you will be automatically placed in the back of the section as we are unable to do make up chair tests
    • Chair testing is done to help our sections by placing the most prepared individuals in the front of the sections to assist and lead in rehearsals - I don't care one bit where you sit in your section, it simply helps us to have more efficient and productive rehearsals - do not place value on your chair - you already made YS and DESERVE to be here! GOOD LUCK!!!!!  :-)  
  • All winds, harp and percussion will have their final section rehearsal - please review all pieces and be ready to work

Let me know if you have any qustions and enjoy your break!


Ms. Siverson

505-302-0552 (text or call)


"We suffer the confines of discipline now, so we may enjoy the freedom of expression later." - Ms. Siverson



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