YS Rehearsal Notes for 9/11/17

No Rehearsal This Monday

Hi All,

I hope you enjoy your long weekend! I am looking forward to some time off and I know you are, too. 

40-Day Practice Challenge

Can you believe we have only 8 more rehearsals until our concert? It is going to fly by and everyone must prepare well. Playing your orchestral parts is much like learning a new language - we need the knowledge to be stored in our long term memory, not our short term memory, for it to be readily availalbe come concert-time.

In order for knowledge to be stored in long term memory, it must be repeated 40-50 times. With only 8 rehearsals left, there is absolutely NO way we will commit our music to memory through only our Monday rehearsals.  In order for it to be commited to long term memory, the 40-50 repetitions must happen practicing at home.

I would like to propose a 40-Day Practice Challenge.  Will you join me? Find a piece of paper and keep track of every time you practice your YS music OUTSIDE of YS rehearsals. The goal will be to practice ALL of your pieces (or practice large sections of each) 40 times before Thursday, November 2 - our school tour concert date. If we all commit to doing this, it will be easy-sailing through our concert on November 7th in Popejoy Hall. Orchestra is a team sport - we cannot succeed unless all of us are committed to succeeding individually, first. 

Please log the date, then the name of pieces and sections practiced that day. You must practice a portion of EACH piece, each time. If you bring me a completed 40-Day Practice Challenge Log on the morning of our school tour, you will receive a prize! I would love to treat you all, so let's do this!!!  

Next Rehearsal September 11

I look forward to seeing you all at our next rehearsal on Sept. 11. It's full rehearsals from here on out! The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

6:20 - in your seats warming up 

6:30 - Enesco

7:00 - Grieg, all movements

7:45 - break

8:00 - Shostakovich

8:20 - Holst - Jupiter

8:40 - Holst - Venus

9:00 - Saint Saens

9:15 - dismiss


Enjoy your holiday!

Ms. Siverson




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