YS Rehearsal Notes and Important Reminders



SELL, SELL, SELL!  Just a reminder to be creatively exploring opportunities you have to sell your bundle of 10 raffle tickets.  I am going to be taking my kids out in our community this weekend to sell ours - it just takes a little planning to make the time to do it. Courteously remind potential buyers that not only will they have an opportunity (or double or triple the opportunity if they buy two or three tickets) winning some great prizes, but they will be supporting students in music!  It's a win-win situation, right?!  And remember, the group with the most tickets-per-members wins an evening at Dave and Buster's!  GO YOUTH SYMPHONY! 


The deadline for the "shout-outs" to go in to the upcoming concert program is tomorrow. Each shout-out is $20, so please contact the office if you, your section or your family are interested in putting a supportive, personalized note in the program for everyone to read. You can recognize your section, your friends, your family can honor you, etc. 


Double check the locations and times of our last set of rehearsals. Remember that attendance at the final dress rehearsal in PJH is required and cannot be missed. 

Monday 4/3 - regular rehearsal at AYSP 

Monday 4/10 - regular rehearsal at AYSP 

Monday 4/17 - regular rehearsal at AYSP (record our performance!) 

Monday 4/24 - regular rehearsal at AYSP

Saturday 4/29 - dress rehearsal at PJH, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (donuts in the Green Room!)

* Shall we go out after rehearsal for brunch at Frontier or have a get-together at the UNM Duck Pond at 10AM? * 

Saturday 4/29 - concert at PJH, 7:00 PM



Work any and all melodic passages with a metronome.  Make Spaniards everywhere proud!


This one is turning out great, but remember to practice with tone color and phrasing in mind. In rehearsal, we really need to work on balance. Let's polish it up this Monday. 


Good work here, but our challenge is RHYTHMIC CLARITY and BALANCE with Alan. 


I heard two main things with which we must do better: learn our notes well BEFORE rehearsal, as we simply don't have time to learn them AT rehearsal; and, solidify our dynamics.  Attention to both will make for a more mature sound and performance.


6:15 - warm up and tune

6:30 - Tchaikovsky 4 (PITCH AND PULSE!)

  • everyone - review tempo (half=120) at the Allegro vivace (alla breve)
  • at D - horns work on the sforzandos and violins the triplets
  • be aware not to slow down at E
  • at G - trumpets and trombones need to play out more
  • vlns/vlas practice H with a metronome!
  • at I - violins and violas are unison - please check pitch
  • beginning at K practice with metronome at 120 (everyone!)
  • beginning at the Poco piu animato, we repeat many of the earlier passages, so apply the above notes to the corresponding sections
  • starting at U, please check accidentals!!! (learn your notes)
  • brass - practice at the loud dynamics so you can begin to prepare for the endurance needed on this symphony

7:15 - Tchaikovsky 1 (DYNAMICS!)

  • we MUST pay strict attention to dynamics and shaping of phrases in this movement - I know we can actually PLAY Tchaikovsky, not just be a youth symphony TRYING to play it.....
  • brass - learn your parts D-F, as this is an important section for you to play confidently
  •  don't rush at the Molto piu tranquillo
  • learn your notes, everyone! Even one person out of tune is obvious to the ear. 

7:45 - break

8:00 - Johnson (PITCH, BALANCE, BLEND)

8:15 - Chabrier (PITCH AND PULSE)

  • polish your notes
  • practice with a metronome (dotted-half=80)

8:30 - Tchaikovsky 2 (PITCH AND DYNAMICS)

  • polish your notes
  • practice dynamics (a must in this movement!)

8:45 - Tchaikovsky 3 (PITCH AND DYNAMICS)

  • learn D - K (particularly the 16th-notes!)


  • polish your notes
  • focus on balance with Alan at rehearsal

9:15 - dismiss

Have a great weekend and I look forward to a GREAT rehearsal on Monday!

Ms. Siverson





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