YS Rehearsal Notes for September 20, 2021

Hello, YS members,

String Seating Audition day! Strings, work with the excerpts and do your best! We’ll spend nearly all of the rehearsal playing in full groups. For everyone, we’ll work through each piece in its entirety, so feel free and take note of any spots as we work through everything – the final sectional rehearsal is next week!

Here are the details for strings:

String Seating Procedure:

  • Students of each instrument part will have a number assigned to them.
  • Students will have their numbers randomly given and written on the roster where the students sign in (students – remember your number).
  • Students will be called out of the room in small groups (2-4 in most cases) and escorted to the audition room.
    • There won’t be time to warm-up right before the audition. You can quietly check tuning before you go in, but that’s it.
  • Students will go into the room, one at a time, to perform the audition.
    • There will be 2 judges with their backs to you. Parent managers will announce your number to the judges. Make sure to not say anything in the room – just play the excerpts back-to-back and leave, as quickly as possible!
  • Students can individually head back to the ensemble upon finishing to resume participating in the rehearsal.
  • Judge scores will be tallied and the seating order will be given at the following rehearsal.
  • No judge comments or scores will be provided to students, and final seating decisions can always be at the discretion of the conductors.

Here the schedule for next time and what I plan to work on (and likewise what you should prioritize for this rehearsal):

Monday September 20 (7 rehearsals left before dress rehearsal/concert)

6:15-6:30 MR Hall

                Warmup (on your own)

                Possibility Assignment (discussion)

6:30-7:30 MR Hall



7:30-7:45 Break (Lobby/Office – clear out of MR Hall for air exchanges)

7:45-9:00 MR Hall

(String Seating Auditions taking place during this time – students pulled out in small groups, auditions in string sectional rooms)

                Enescu (continued)



Practice Priorities

We’ll work through all pieces from beginning to end!

Possibility Assignment

Notice the contribution that you are.


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