YS Update

Hi All,
I wanted to send you an update for where we stand as of this week. Keep in mind that as local, state and federal recommendations are updated, we also, will update.
At this time, rehearsals are suspended until April 7th. We are still working under the assumption that our concert will simply be postponed/rescheduled, not cancelled. What happens to our end of season,  really depends on what the school districts decide. We will have to just be patient to see where this goes.
I'm so sad we won't meet for a few more weeks. BUT! I'm thankful we are all loving each other well by social distancing in order to protect others from possible sickness.
SENIORS: I am so sorry this is how your end of your year is rolling out! I'm sure you are incredibly disappointed. (or super excited for the extra time off?)   :-)   Regardless, to end your senior year this way is not what you had hoped for or expected. It isn't what anyone expected! With everything coming to a screeching halt, all of your hard work may seem wasted, but it isn't! You are amazing and you will get through this. If you're struggling (not just seniors, but any of you) please call me, text me or email me. I am here for you.
So, for now, let's encourage one another to keep playing!
Here are some fun ideas:
- Let's start a #30daypracticechallenge on our concert music! Record yourself on a challenging spot in our music and post it to social media while tagging @aysmusic and @sayrasiverson on Instagram or Facebook. Then, let's encourage one another on our hard work and have fun doing it!!!
- If you aren't on IG or FB, send me a personal video of you practicing a challenging spot in our music, and I will reply with suggestions on how you can improve!
- Do a porch/patio/sidewalk concert for your neighbors, record it and tag @aysmusic and @sayrasiverson on IG or FB; or send it to me personally. Let's brighten up our neighbors days with music!
- Here is the Spotify playlist link to listen daily: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6VG6n0PYsHDjfm4FSnFu9Q?si=BtGrj2qzR92m...
- How can we use Remind to encourage each other? (text @sayrasi to 81010 to join, if you haven't already) 
- What are some ways YOU think we can encourage one another on our music?
As everyone around the world is doing right now, AYSP is taking it one day at a time. I will continue to update you as developments happen. Thank you for your patience through this time and stay healthy!
Ms. Siverson
remind: @sayrasi


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